The Story of Los Angeles Karpatok

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The Story of Los Angeles Karpatok 

(The first 50 years of a Hungarian folk dance group in America.) (2016) (52 min.)

(Original title: A Los Angeles-i Kárpátok története) Hungarian language documentary film with English subtitles.

After the defeat of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution nearly 200,000 Hungarian refugees left the country, escaping brutal Russian retaliation. From those, 35,240 people received permission to enter and reside in the United States. Some settled in Los Angeles and founded the Hungarian Student Association in 1957. Their main task was to assist the Hungarian refugee students, nurture their culture and traditions. In 1965 they founded the Student Association Dance Ensemble which, on March 15, 1968, took the name of Kárpátok. (From the Carpathian Mountain region.) The past 50 years is beautifully illustrated through 22 interviews with founders, former and current leaders and dancers, historical film footages and photos, touching every significant event in the life of the dance group. The documentary also gives a comprehensive picture of 50 years of exile in Los Angeles.

Árpád Zsolt Varga’s documentary film is dedicated to the memory of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and Freedom fight on its 60th anniversary and to the first 50 years of the Karpatok Folkdance Ensemble of Los Angeles.

Directed by Árpád Zsolt Varga

Producer: Árpád Zsolt Varga,

Production manager: Viktor Eszes-Istenes

Director of photography: Árpád Zsolt Varga

Sound: Philip Gaston, Zsolt Magyar

Music: Balint Sapszon

Editor & Cutting: Árpád Zsolt Varga

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