Ferenc Marias forester: My Life

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Ferenc Marias forester: My Life

(2014) (52 min) (Original title: Máriás Ferenc erdész: Életem)

Hungarian language documentary film with English subtitles.

Ferenc Máriás – the forester – shares with us – using his own words – his life story in this documentary film.  Zsolt Árpád Varga – the director – accompanies the forester utilizing his unique picturesque dramaturgy and a rich selection of archived photo-material. The film comprises practically the entire XX. century of the Hungarian Puszta, (Hungarian Prairie)  through the life-work of an honest,  sincere and exemplary man. Ferenc Máriás’s straight character, his common-sense thinking calls out to the audience, as he recalls for instance, how he rode his bicycle at the age of twelve from the city of Mindszent to Budapest – about a 100 miles each way – to work as an earth mover. During wartime he never took the life of anyone. His escape from the Soviet-Russian prisoner of  war camp, was miraculous.   Upon reaching home, he continued his studies and then went to work as a forester living in the wilderness, also teaching his cattle and horses to swim in the river Tisza. Even at the age of seventy seven – he swam across the river Tisza many times, and kept going to Budapest on his bicycle watching his horses race. The horses he bred himself won many prizes and trophies. He built his own house, that he designed himself. He shows his logical thinking and his ingenuity in planning the feeding of his livestock from the attic. For the sake of creating this film, he was happy to ride his horse – at age eighty-nine, – named „Cloud” or „Felhő”. In his concluding words Ferenc Máriás the forester relates his exemplary philosophy of life.

Directed by Árpád Zsolt Varga

Producer: Árpád Zsolt Varga

Co-Producer: Szilárd Czurkó, Czeglédi Ida Czurkóné

Director of photography: Árpád Zsolt Varga

Sound: Gábor Szilárd Fazekas

Music: Philip Gaston, Árpád Zsolt Varga

Editor: István Lelkes

Cutting: Árpád Zsolt Varga

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