My Birthright!

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My Birthright! -Biographical documentary film

(2019.) 108 min. (English language.)

This full length documentary film was made over eight years. Its subject, Ferenc Czene, was born in Kunágota, and as a consequence of the events of the 1956 revolution, emigrated to Los Angeles, then just before the first free election, in 1990, on the same route he left, returned and on the outscirts of the city of Gyula he built the ”Home of Free Thoughts.” At a wide variety of different locations he himself tells the story of his life, in his own words, enhanced by heretofore never seen archive pictures of his 82 years, including the 60  years spent in emigration. His life is a demonstration of how an ”every day person” can also accomplish great deeds. 

Directed by Árpád Zsolt Varga

Producer: Árpád Zsolt Varga,

Production manager: Viktor Eszes-Istenes

Director of photography: Árpád Zsolt Varga

Sound: Zsolt Magyar, Gabor Szilard Fazekas

Music: Laszlo Budai

Editor & Cutting: Árpád Zsolt Varga

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